My Grandmother

I am so fortunate that my grandmother is still alive.  She is 90 years old, and although she can’t see or hear she still has her mind.  She can remember lots of memories of her life.  I love to ask her questions about her life growing up and about when my mom was a teenager.  My grandfather worked for the mines so they have a lot of stories about growing up in the 50’s.  For example, there was a company store that the mines owned and they would buy stuff from it.  Everybody knew each other.  The houses were small and very close together and the front porch almost sat at the street.  Oh, and there was a lot of dancing!  My mom said they would go to school and dance in the cafeteria before school, at lunch, and after school.  It’s so fun to hear stories about times gone by.  I wish it was more like that nowadays.

I went with my mom to see her last week in the nursing home.  She lives in a very nice home which doesn’t smell when you walk in and the nurses are attentive.  Many nurses have been there for years.  They plan events and do activities throughout the day.  Here is a picture of her from last week, and another picture of her dressed up for a party they had.

IMG_3425 IMG_3429


My Grandma Edith is a neat lady that I love very much.  She hasn’t had an easy life.  She grew up in the coal mines of West Virginia.  She married at 16 and had my mom when she was 18.  She said people thought she was pregnant when she went off and got married, but she wasn’t.   She and my grandfather  provided a good home for my mom and her brother to grow up in.  My mom has fond memories of her life growing up in West Virginia.  My grandmother took her kids and their friends to church and taught Sunday School most of her life.  She wasn’t perfect, but who is?  This is a picture of her as a young woman.

gma edith

I can see she has gone down physically even in the last few months.  I don’t know if I’ll see her again once I leave for Scotland, but  I do know I’ll see her in heaven.  This is a picture taken just a few months ago.

2011-06-22 13.44.58

Finally, here is a picture of me and my mom with her.

2012-12-18 12.12.36


So, thankful I still have both mom and grandmom in my life.

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