The Boy’s House

A couple of weekends ago all of the boys and I met in Lynchburg at their house to do a deep cleaning.  While we were in Chile, their septic backed up and they had pulled out the carpet and never replaced it.  Robert had also brought his bedroom furniture to live there but soon found out his bedroom was way too small to hold it.  So, in true boy fashion he pulled his box spring and mattress out to the middle of the living room and it stayed there all year.  They loved it.  It didn’t bother them.  Made it easy for guest to know where they could sleep if they stayed over!  So, between the furniture filling up the small rooms, no carpet in the entire downstairs, and our dog’s kennels and hair all over the place we had a busy weekend ahead.  It was actually fun to see the change.  I love a project that you can see a difference even if it’s small!

IMG_3437 IMG_3439 IMG_3444

So, we had the carpet installation scheduled for Monday which would give us time to clean and paint.  Robert got the painting stuff out and he put a bright color (I picked out) on two of the walls to brighten up the room a little.

Then, Michael decided to paint a mural of one of their favorite bands on the wall.  Michael and Robert have a basement band and enjoy playing Blink 182 songs.  Michael has a tattoo of the “smiley face” on his back.  He is artistic and free-handed one of Blink’s album covers on the wall before the carpet came.  I think it turned out well especially for the basement of a bunch of college kids.

IMG_3448 IMG_3453

Michael and Robert left Sunday afternoon and Timothy,  Andrew, and I hung out another night for the carpet guys to come.  After the installers left we pulled a few things in the room,  but left the heavy couch, TV, and some other things for them to bring in.  It was fun just seeing the improvement we did make.

IMG_3460 IMG_3459 IMG_3458

As for Kent, me, and the younger boys, we are in the process of planning to leave for Scotland.  Trying to find a house and secure a student visa are two major obstacles we’re trying to jump now.  Kent returns from Chile this weekend- yeah!  I’ll keep you posted……

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