We’re Here

Please pray for us.  We are here in St. Andrews.  I have one very homesick 14 year old son who deeply misses his brothers and friends.  We are finding we need a bank account to set up the “necessities” such as internet, cell phone, cable, etc.  The students from the school are here this week and have filled up all the openings with the banks to do this until next week.  So, we wait…..

We were planning on putting the boys in the public schools here but are finding there’s many similarities with home and not sure that it’s still the right thing to do.  We visited the campus and are waiting to hear from someone to talk to and see the school.

Other than that, we have had 2 days of beautiful weather.  It’s been sunny with no rain.  Kent has done well with the driving and we hope to buy a car this week.

I’ll do better with blogging including pictures once we have home internet.  We are sitting in a St. Andrews building with wi-fi waiting for Kent to finish a matriculation meeting.

We miss you guys!

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