Good News!

Thanks for any prayers!  This morning we went into town and got a bank account.  By next week we will have internet and cable at our house.  Until then we’ll just hang out in coffee shops to check our email, etc.  We got rid of our internet and tv when we moved out of the farmhouse so I am going on almost a month without it.  In some ways it is good because it makes you find things to do that you would put off if you had those things to fill your time.  I do miss it since I am a news junkie.  I don’t really know what’s going on in the world, but maybe that’s a good thing.

I took some pictures today as we walked through town.  St. Andrews is a lovely place with lots of historical architecture, and the people have been very friendly.  The service at all of the places we’ve shopped has been good.  I wanted to add some of the pictures but just realized that I don’t have my USB cord to download from my phone.  So, tomorrow when we find another internet connection I will make sure to bring what I need.

Until tomorrow…..

One thought on “Good News!

  1. Hey girl! Debbie passed along your blog info to me – and now I’m subscribed!! Wish we could have connected when you were back in Richmond!!! I’m so happy for you, Kent and the boys – wow…amazing what God is doing in your life!!! Love that He connected us all of those years ago at the hockey rink! I’ll be praying for you all!!

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