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Saturday we made the boys go out on a “field trip” to see some of Scotland.  We didn’t want to go too far because the theology department was having a barbq at 5:30 which we wanted to go to so we could meet people.  We decided to go to a little town south of St. Andrews on the sea.  Crail is a small fishing village set on the North Sea.

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We decided to eat lunch in a little fish place.  The popular thing here is fish and chips.

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After lunch we walked down to the sea and to see their pottery shop that we had seen advertised.  The day was sunny so it was a perfect day to be out.  We met a doctor from Israel as we were walking around.  He was there touring as well.

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We had a nice day.

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We ended up going to the cook-out.  We are definitely the old ones around here.  There are many smart and  sweet families with lots of little ones.  It brings back memories when we were in their shoes.  We met several people with amazing stories of how God led them to come to study at St. Andrews.  I hope we get to know many of them better.

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