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Tonight I thought I would just put a few things from my pictures on my phone.  The Sunday after we went to Falkland Castle a family from church invited us to lunch.  They are from Tennessee and have 4 kids.  She is a family doctor and he is beginning his studies for the PhD in history.  They have been here for a year longer than us.  She actually was born here in Dundee which is just a few miles from our house.  So, even though she grew up in the US (her Dad is American) she has relatives here.  She has been very helpful to me.  They also invited another man to eat as well.  He is French and the boys enjoyed listening to him talk.  He has an Oxford PhD in law and is a lecturer at the University of Edinburgh.  He actually became a Christian during his PhD studies and he has a neat story about that.


The boys have gradually taken up golf.  We live on a golf course and there is a driving range at the end of the neighborhood. We found a used set of golf clubs so they have been walking down there to practice.  Kent is going to take them to actually play soon.  They really push golf here for kids and offer free golf lessons to St. Andrew school students and a discount to play on the courses.  Here is Timothy at the range.


When we were at Matt and Ashley’s house for lunch they introduced us to our new favorite drink.  It’s much cheaper than diet coke which is too high.  It’s called Ribena or squash.  It’s a concentrated juice (w/o sugar) that you add regular or carbonated water to.  I’m drinking a lot of it.  The carbonated water is cheaper here.  I can get a liter bottle for 17 pence which is about 30 cents.

IMG_3758 IMG_3757

I am trying to keep up with the new words I hear.  Hob is the stove.  Lorry is a big truck.  Pudding is any type of dessert.  Biscuits are cookies.  They are big on tea here.  They drink coffee but mostly espresso and I can’t find any flavored creamers!  I’m making my own which is not the same.  I haven’t seen one Keurig anywhere.

Andrew has been to school twice for an hour each day.  He has really liked it and I have too.  The teacher has been very helpful and we finally figured out the process.  The resource teacher has to get an OK from this government committee to assess Andrew.  Then after the assessment Andrew has to be approved to receive these special services at the school.  If he is approved then he will mainly be in one classroom and then be included in some other classes like computer, PE, etc.  If he doesn’t get approved we will have to figure out what classes he can be in with some help.  We also have gone to the doctor to find out about the ADHD medicine.  We are in the NHS (national health care) and the doctor said she had to send a letter to the government committee for getting that medicine.  The principal told me today he heard that it is a 6 month waiting list to get that taken care of!  Is this what we have coming at home?

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