Glamis Castle

Last weekend we decided to go to Glamis Castle.  The way they pronounce it is “Glamz” Castle.  I said “Glam-is” and the tour guide told me the way they said it was without the i.  This castle had an amazing driveway on to the property.  The driveway was long and the castle stood tall at the end of it.  This has been the biggest castle we’ve visited so far.


This picture was taken closer in to the castle so I could a “decent” picture from inside the car with my iphone.  The driveway was a lot longer than this picture shows.

The interesting reason we went to see this castle is because it was the home of the Queen Mother.  For those of you non-royal types, the Queen Mother is now deceased but was the mother of the queen now-Queen Elizabeth.  This home was enormous.  The funny thing is that some of the rooms are large with high ceilings.  The dining room for instance had a table that could seat 36 comfortably.  But, on the other hand, the Queen Mother’s bedroom and sitting room were more normal sized.  They didn’t allow any photographs inside but here are a few from the outside.

IMG_3778 IMG_3779 IMG_3780 IMG_3781

Not sure where we’re going this weekend.  Most of the castles close at the end of October for the winter so we don’t have much more time to go.

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