Kellie Castle

Guess what?!  Another castle!  You may be glad to know that many of these castles close down for the winter at the end of October so we’ll have to find other places to visit while we are here.

Kent and I went last weekend to Kellie Castle.  We bought a yearly pass that gets you in to select places so this castle was only about 20 miles from our house.  It was smaller than the others we have been to.  They said it started with two of the towers being built opposite of each other.  One tower for her and one tower for him.  Then they started building everything in between.  Another reason the husband built the tower for her was to actually take care of her if he died.  Typically, if the husband died he left the castle to his son.  So to make sure the wife didn’t get kicked out with no where to go, he built the tower for her to live in.

IMG_3802 IMG_3804

After we left there we decided to go see another coastal town we had heard about.  It is Anstruther and is bigger than the first one we went to, Crail.  It has a few more shops and “chippy’s” (fish and chips restaurants).

IMG_3811 IMG_3816


A few more words….telly is television, chap or mate is friend, ripping “ripping good time”, loon is a young boy, cracking  “We’re studying John 3, a cracking passage,
> so hopefully it will be good fun!” (This was part of an email from the pastor.) rubbish is trash.  I told Kent we use good and great so much that it’s nice to hear delightful, brilliant, and lovely.

I forgot to include in the post that our lady friend that invited us to lunch gave us some good cultural advice.  She said they had had several American friends before and she noticed that normally when we (Americans) leave someone’s home we just get in the car and leave.  They thought that was unusual.  She said they prefer to stay in the driveway and wave to you as you leave and that when we are in the car we should roll down the windows and wave back.  I guess they’re more proper. (another word they use a lot).

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