Our House

Just thought I’d share a little about our house.  Well, it’s not our house.  We are renting it.  It was the only one we could find that was furnished so we didn’t have to send all of our belongings over here.  We live outside of St Andrews about 8 miles and we’re on a golf course which gives a lovely view.  It’s so funny because the golfers wake the boys up some mornings.  The birds wake me up.  There is one bird with the funniest call that I haven’t seen yet.  It’s not a typical bird sound.

IMG_3865 IMG_3870 IMG_3868 IMG_3869 IMG_3867

We are also sharing a car.  We bought a Ford Focus which gets over 50 miles to a gallon.  We really like that!  We usually fill up every 10 days or so.  We are still getting used to driving opposite in every way.  We still walk up to the wrong doors and try to get in.  It’s just habit!

IMG_3866 IMG_3719 IMG_3718


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