Prayer Meeting

Thank you for all the well wishes.  I am so glad I belong to the body of Christ.  When one is down the other can lift the one up.  I don’t like having to be the one that needs the help but that is just the way life is!

We have a church prayer meeting once a month.  We do all of our meetings at the pastor’s home which has large rooms on the first floor that work for this set up.  The church doesn’t have a building so they open their home a lot.  We usually pray for half of the time then break for brownies and ice cream then finish the prayer time.  When I go, I remember the prayer meetings we attended at Franklin Heights Baptist Church in Rocky Mount, VA.  I love to hear those  people pray!  Here are a few friends from church on our dessert break.  Our pastor is pictured with his wife and older son.

IMG_3903 IMG_3898 IMG_3902 IMG_3908 IMG_3907 IMG_3906 IMG_3904

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