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Well, Andrew got some more hours added to his school day this week.  He is taking the bus to school everyday which is good.  He is going until 1:30 for 2 days, 11:00 for 2 days, and til 3:30 for 1 day.  Kent took him to the bus stop Monday morning and asked one of the students to point out the stop for him.  (They have 2 locations for the school the younger has grades S1-S3 and the older S4-S6)  So he gets on the bus and in true Andrew style didn’t know what grade he is in.  He knew what school but he couldn’t put the question and where he was together.  So, he ended up at the wrong school.   He said “Mom, it was OK.  This nice lady took me in her Honda and it only took a few minutes to get there.”  Things like that don’t bother him at all.

Andrew going to school.  He usually has a tie and jacket to wear too.
Andrew going to school. He usually has a tie and jacket to wear too.

We also are finally getting his ADHD medicine worked out.  Let me just say this is not the most efficient way of doing things.  I don’t want to bore you with the details, but just appreciate the system we have back home.  Yes, we need to improve some things, but the communication is different and it takes quite a bit of time for things we are used to getting in one day.

New Words- We were trying to figure out how to open the hood of the car.  I was reading the car manual and couldn’t find hood.  They call it the “bonnet”.  The trunk is the “boot”.  Slippers are “bathies”.  To lightly shake something is give it a little “shuggle”.  Sometimes it’s not the word it is just how they say it that is fun.  Today we had our shipment finally delivered.  The men were so nice but I could hardly understand  them.  They probably feel the same about me!

Kent and I also went to Costco last Saturday for a little break.  It’s as crowded here as it is back home.


Finally, I don’t know if I have written about my desire to get a can of pumpkin.  I had heard  that it was rarely found here, and some of the wives were buying cases from amazon and selling them to other moms.  This time of year pumpkin bread and muffins are so good.  A friend of mine brought me a can to church then I heard that there was a pallet of it at the local grocery store.  I have gone every day and bought 2 or 3 cans.  It’s the little things I miss like my coffee creamer….Until next time.

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