Tower Bridge

So, from the Tower of London you can look right over and see the Tower Bridge crossing over the Thames River.  It is a beautiful bridge.

IMG_4105 IMG_4004

I think it is prettier at night.

IMG_3969 IMG_3965

It is for driving and for walking.

taking a picture standing on the bridge
taking a picture standing on the bridge


Sorry the pictures aren’t that clear.  Another fun fact is how long it takes a taxi driver to get his license to drive a cab in London.  We took an unofficial survey with each taxi driver we had.  We asked them about the process and how long it took.  We learned that it is a process that you do on your own time table, but that the average time it takes to learn EVERY street in London is 3 years.  We did get 2 outliers of 5 years and 18 months, but on average it is a 36+ month process.  They do offer classes you can take but it is mostly done just getting out on the streets and learning where you are.  They all said they had to learn a map in their head and when someone gives you a street or place the map shows up in your head.

The testing is very stressful for them.  They said they walked in a room with only themselves and a tester and they would give you an address and you had to write down the fastest directions to get you from A to B with turn directions etc.  Then they were given an address and they had to instantly show it on the map.  I asked them why they didn’t just use a GPS but they said the people there expect to go places quickly and they wouldn’t have the patience to wait on them to put it in the GPS.

Lastly, we need to always remember to thank people and be polite to those who are helping us.  One of our drivers said he had been working for 8 1/2 hours and we were the first people to have a conversation with him that day!  We shouldn’t be too busy to at least say hi and ask them how their day is going.


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