New Friends

We have been very blessed to meet many people so far.  I am very thankful for that.  People reach out a lot.  We have met people from all over the world.  It seems that there is a natural tendency to want to make friends because the ex-pats are all in the same situation in a foreign country.

Santiago is growing so much.  Our attorney told us that in the last couple of years approximately 80,000 Spaniards have moved here.  There are many folks who come here for mining jobs.  Our church is considered an international church and so far I’ve met people from America, Peru, South Africa, the Netherlands, Bolivia, and of course, Chile.

The pictures I posted are of new friends we have met.  We had them over for dinner in our apartment.  The young man was here for an exploratory trip and is headed home to learn Spanish so he can come back and get a job.  The couple pictured loves to travel and they are very adventurous.  They love to be on their boat.

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