Piccadilly Circus, Buckingham Palace, & Gwyneth Paltrow

We packed in so much in such a short time.  We literally got up and filled the day with as much as we could.  London is very similar to New York so we really could have stayed for a few more days and been able to see even more.

We went over to Piccadilly Circus to eat dinner twice.  They have so much in this area.  The shopping is great and has any store you could imagine.  They had their Christmas lights up above the streets so that was nice to see as we walked around.  It was so crowded and the restaurants had long lines to wait.  We ate at a hamburger place which had started in Hawaii the first time, and the second time we found a chicken place that had a table open for 4.

IMG_4024 IMG_4023 IMG_4021 IMG_4019re

Our waitress at the second restaurant was a 22 year old young lady who had moved to London recently.  She said she had hippy parents (when she was born- they aren’t now) and her name was Blueberry.  Here she is:


We went by Buckingham Palace but the Queen wasn’t home.  🙁

IMG_4087 IMG_3939

Lastly, for all of you pop culture people.  I got a picture of the edge of the street Gwyneth Paltrow lives on.  She lives on one side and Roger Moore and Sean Connery across the road.  It is a beautiful area and I was so mad I didn’t think to take a better picture.  The tour guide said that all of the houses have to be the same color cream.  Apparently, the people who live there own the houses but don’t own the land under it.  The owner of the land leases it to them and in the lease says they must take care of the property and leave it the color that it is.  London real estate is so pricey and these homes are row homes and about 4 stories high.  They cost about 30 million pounds (@$45 million USD)


This is the end of the street which runs down to the left of the picture.  There is a somewhat busy street that separates it from Connery and Moore’s home.  I don’t know which one is Gwenyth’s.  This picture is not one big house but probably 2 or 3 beside each other.  It looks busy but when you ride by it seems somewhat private.  You definitely are not right beside their houses.  There is a big rectangular park that runs the entire street in front of the houses.  The guide says they use that area for their garden since they really don’t have one behind their house.  Anyway, probably more than you wanted or cared to know….


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