Shakespeare and Harrod’s

One afternoon we walked to a replica of the Globe which is Shakespeare’s theater in another town outside of London called Stratford-upon-Avon.  A few years ago they found evidence that Shakespeare had actually acted and written plays in London as well.  They have tried their best from all of the research they have done to come up with a theater as close as possible to what could have been.

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The picture above on the right is the stage.  Our tour guide said they don’t use much scenery when they act out their plays.  If you can see, there is an open area in front of the stage before you get to the seats.  Back then, you paid 1 pence to stand up on the floor, 2 pence to sit in the stands, and 3 pence to have a seat where “you can see and could be seen”.  Now, and then, if you are in the standing area you must STAND the entire time.  You cannot sit while you are watching.  Again, the guide said it was good for them as actors because no matter how much you like Shakespeare sometimes it can get boring.  Standing would keep people paying attention.

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These days they try to keep the ticket prices affordable.  You could get a standing ticket for 5 pounds which is about $7.50.  One problem though is there is no roof so if it rains you have to watch in the rain.  The guide also told us that at the original Globe most of the attendees were men.  He said most of the women stayed home.  He also said these plays were 2-3 hours long and it was common to spend that much time for something like this.  And finally, he said if you read the plays it seems that Shakespeare was writing his plays specifically for this type of  3-D theater.  Of course, I can’t remember now the lines or plays he gave as an example but it did make sense.

Shakespeare has also made up many words that were not around before him.  You’ll have to google it but I remember “dead as a doornail”, accomodation, and cold-blooded.  There were many others.

Another place we visited was the huge department store Harrod’s.

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