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I was going to try to combine several topics in one post, but when I looked at my pictures I had to just make this post into one.  One thing we love about Santiago is the number of people that live there from all over the world.  We enjoy different cultures so it is lovely to learn about them and their culture.

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The pictures above are Jackie (a Chilean from France) and her daughter and granddaughter who had come to visit her from Switzerland.  They were so sweet and it was nice to get to meet Jackie’s family.  Her granddaughter is adorable and is learning German at school and she already knows a lot of English (as well as her French).  Wish I was able to do that!  The bottom pictures are Dawn from California and Stephanie from South Africa.  I saw them at church but we weren’t there long enough to get to visit with them very much.  Next time though!

IMG_4172 IMG_4211 IMG_4212

Rosa is my dear friend from Peru.  She has lived all over the world since her husband works for the Dutch Embassy.  Her grown daughters live in the US, Ecuador, and England.  They’re scattered everywhere!  Gladys on the rights is Chilean but has lived in the US for a long time.  She takes care of her father in Chile.  The bottom friend we met this trip.  She is from Nigeria and I cannot spell her name (sorry!).  She moved to Romania to study and had to learn Romanian, and was in Santiago to do some research.  She is getting her PhD which is why she was doing all the study.


Lastly, our business partner, relaxing before dinner.  I wish I had his wife in the picture as well.  It was so good catching up with them before they left to spend Christmas in the States with their grown daughters, their husbands, and grandson.

We are so thankful for the hospitality of the friends we have made in Santiago.  We were there 7 months but feel like we lived there for years.  They know just how to make you feel welcome.  I think part of it is that families are usually there without any extended family with them so everyone bonds together quickly.

See you tomorrow….

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