Andrew’s Birthday

Andrew’s birthday is the day after Christmas so we spent his 15th birthday eating at their favorite restaurant in Santiago and then going to see The Hobbit.  The thing with boys (at least in my house) is if they find a food place they like they are loyal!  We went to Mr. Jack’s several times for huge hamburgers.  They are delicious but I’m female- I like variety!  Since we got home late on the night of his birthday we had cake and ice cream the next day which he loved.  One thing about Andrew is he likes just about everything and is appreciative for small things.  We bought a Chilean cake that is thin layers (like pancakes) and had manjar all through it.  Manjar is dulce de leche-yum!

IMG_4244 IMG_4245 IMG_4246 IMG_4247 IMG_4248

And, of course, you have to see the pictures of the burgers we ate over and over.  Uhm-Deb?  We also went to the huge market to get food and take the boys to see another part of Santiago.  Robert went with us the second time, and we passed a lady cooking kabobs on her grate on a shopping cart.  We ate one each there with her hot salsa and decided to buy a bunch to take home and eat later for dinner.  She hit the jackpot with our order and was so sweet getting it together for us.  I think we threw her off.  Robert said that was his favorite meal of the trip.

IMG_4197 IMG_4164 IMG_4203 IMG_4202


I think I’ll start on the next part of our trip tomorrow.  Stay tuned….

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