Back to the Farm

After we left Chile, we headed back home to the farm.  We thought we were only going to be there for 3-4 days, but after looking at ticket prices, we decided to it’d be better to stay to the 13th.  So, we stayed for 12 packed days. It was just what we needed.

IMG_4275 IMG_4272

First stop was to see Bauer.  He is staying at our friends, the Morris’s.  They have taken him as their own and he loves being there which is a relief.

IMG_4276 IMG_4277 IMG_4278 IMG_4279

This is our visit with them and having a delicious meal prepared by Sarah.  We had such a fun night.  We also saw other friends, spent time in Lynchburg with the boys, saw family- it was a refreshing time.

IMG_4295 IMG_4283 IMG_4281 IMG_4284

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