Campfire and S’mores

We talked our boys into coming to the farm for one last time together.  They don’t particularly like it there because we don’t have a bedroom for them in our apartment we’re in now, and we don’t have internet or cable set up since we aren’t living there.  I guess I can understand their feelings.  So, we decided we would have a campfire, pizza, and s’mores for our good-bye dinner.

IMG_4303 IMG_4309

It was so cold out there but thankfully I remembered where I had put all of our winter gloves, scarves, and hats.  We opened that container up and passed around whatever was needed.  The boys brought their friends, Eddie and Helen, and our neighbors that are living in our farmhouse came out as well.  Kent’s parents also came out for a little while.

IMG_4313 IMG_4307 IMG_4312 IMG_4302

We were so happy to be home, and it actually helped us to be able to come back with a good attitude.  We didn’t get to do all that we wanted to do – but, we will have to do those on our next return trip.

I probably won’t have as many posts unless I can find something interesting to do.  You know how exciting my life is…..LOL.  But, I am not complaining because for some reason God has given us this quiet time now.

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