Back in the UK

We have been back in Scotland for about 2 1/2 weeks now.  We came back with a better attitude which helps.  The days are getting a little longer and we are having more sunshine which just cheers you up.

Kent is continuing his full days of reading, and hopes to start writing his first chapter in the next couple of weeks.  It is due April 7.

Andrew is finally going to school full days, and he is doing great.  I think he is enjoying the interest kids have in him because he has a Ukrainian accent and he is American.  He tells his story of his adoption freely to anyone who asks.  He tells them that God told his parents to come get him in Ukraine.  He said most of the teachers are surprised, and they usually tell him they have never heard a story like that before.  One teacher asked him to write a story about it.

T and I are still doing school at home.  I have restarted my classes toward a masters degree in Christian School Education.  And I am doing yoga which is amazingly hard!  Hopefully we’ll start getting out more once days get longer and the weather gets warmer.  That way I can share some more Scottish sites with you all.

We still pray for all our family and friends around the world.  We have lots of quiet time in our life now so I spend most of my time at home.  Please feel free to give me any prayer requests I would be glad to pray for you.  We continue to wait on the Lord for guidance about what will come next for us.  It’s hard to believe we have been on this journey for almost 8 years!  We still don’t know where this is leading but we will know when the time is right.

Until next time…..

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