Birthday Party

Today I was invited to my little friend, Becca’s, birthday party.  She turned 4 today.  When her mom asked me if I would like to come and help her I was delighted.  I haven’t been to a little girl’s birthday party in years.  Marije (pronounced Mariah, she’s from Holland) did a great job and hosted a party like we used to do parties.

IMG_4352 IMG_4360

Becca is on the left and was a mermaid, and Isla (pronounced I-la) is her little sister.  Becca invited 4 other little friends from nursery (preschool) and 2 of them dressed up as well!  They were all so excited.  We started off with decorating little bags that Marije had already ironed their names on.  She had fabric crayons for them to use.  Then we played games!

IMG_4355 IMG_4358

They played musical “shells” instead of chairs, mermaid, mermaid, fish (duck, duck, goose), pass the package, listened to a mermaid story, and went “fishing” with poles with a magnet and paper clip on the fish.  They won little chocolate coins and rubbers (erasers) to take home.  The final game they had to find the key to the treasure chest.  The treasure chest was hidden but when they found it and opened it up they all got a little bag of chocolate coins to take home!  They loved every minute of it, and it reminded me of the enjoyment of simple fun games.

IMG_4347 IMG_4348 IMG_4353

Next, we sang Happy Birthday! and ate cake.  Becca helped bake the cake and then their neighbor and Becca decorated it!  They also had fruit skewers, “clams”, and white chocolate marshmallows.

Kent came to pick me up at the end so he got to finally witness what a little girl party was like.  He couldn’t believe how quiet and sweet they were.  We were laughing about the fishing poles and said if it had been a boy party they would have been sword fighting with them!  Aahh, the differences between boys and girls- they’re great!

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