End of Week 3

Thursday night Kent and I walked down the street to a cafe we had been wanting to try.  The manager came out to help us because he spoke English.  As we started talking to him we found out he was a Christian, married to a Chilean woman, grew up in Turkey, and had lived multiple places including Arkansas where he owned a restaurant.

Saturday Kent and I went with our potential investment partners south to look at a farm they had seen last weekend.  They were interested in it but weren’t able to see it all then because they needed horses to see it all.  So, they rounded up horses and we met them for about a 3 hour tour!  My horse was nice but I couldn’t get it to quit eating.  He would go for a few yards then stop to eat the grass.  I pulled up the reins and did what they told me but he must have been starving.  The farmer who was with us had to take the long rope and pull me along the entire time.

The house pictured was on the property and is where the irrigation farmer and his family live.  They were a very kind family with 2 sons and a daughter that were aged 9-18 I think.  When we got there they came out to talk with us the best we could.  I took the pictures mostly to show Andrew and Timothy how others live in this world.

The Super Bowl is on now.  An American couple took us over to an American owned sports bar to watch.  The only problem is we needed to go 2 hours early to get a table.  We got one and hung out for a while but the commentary is in Spanish and they don’t show the commercials here so it’s not quite the same.  We gave up our table but there were many people waiting to get it.  We’re home now surprised that Seattle is so far ahead.

This week we are helping with Vacation Bible School at church.  We have to get up early to get over there by 8:30.  We take the metro and then have to get on a bus.  It’s been an adjustment to plan time to get places around public transportation.  I signed up the boys to help too.  I wish I could say they were looking forward to it….  🙁  I know there are some kids their age volunteering so I am hoping they can get to know a few kids this week.

Have a blessed week.

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