The Old Cheese Shop

I wanted to share about a place in town I have been going to help the last couple of Saturdays- a cheese shop!  It is the cutest shop and has so many delicious cheeses.IMG_4395 IMG_4397 IMG_4398 IMG_4399

The neat thing is the connection I made with the owners.  Their names are Alexander and Caroline, and they are from Poland.  They have owned the shop for about a year, and have a great relationship with their customers.  Apparently, people really like their cheeses.  Saturdays there have been fun and busy and I have a lot to learn about cheese!  Once during a busy time there were a few  wheels of cheese on the counter that needed to go back in the case but I couldn’t help because I had no idea where to put them!  Soft, hard, blue, they have it all!

IMG_4400 IMG_4403

These are just a few they sell.  They are from France, Germany, Spain, Scotland, and other places, and they are all artisan or farmhouse cheeses.

The interesting connections between us are that Caroline went to the University of Richmond and lived in Richmond for 10 years.  We lived there for several years as well.  Alexander was born in Ukraine and lived in Kiev until he was 10!  How cool is that?  They are a super nice couple and appreciate their customers and workers.  They have a few college girls come and  hand out samples to show people where the shop is.  They are always making sure they are OK and offering them a cup of tea for a break.  They work well together as a team.

IMG_4401 IMG_4402

I don’t have a picture of Caroline yet, but this is Alexander.  The picture on the right is a goat cheese.  The outside is a mold and it is edible.  They had received two the day before and one had already been sold.

I’ll have to highlight some cheeses on here so you can look for them wherever you live.  They really encourage me to sample them so I’ll know how to help people coming in and looking for a specific taste or cheese.  It’s so fun to taste and compare- just have to learn to keep them straight.

So, if you are in St Andrews visiting you need to come by!  They are located off South Street which is one of the main streets in downtown.  However, they are set in a little courtyard which is a great set up.  They have tables and chairs in the courtyard when the weather is warm so guests can come and have a glass of wine or coffee and a cheese platter with it.  How fun!  Come visit!

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