Our French Connection

Last Sunday after church we invited our French friends from church over for lunch.  Eric is a senior lecturer of law at University of Edinburgh.  Over here, if I am correct, there are four different levels – lecturer, senior lecturer, associate professor, and full professor.  He is fun to be around and very intelligent.  His interest is in South African law.  He has a neat story of how he became a Christian and is very committed to our church.  He rides a train over an hour to get to St. Andrews from Edinburgh.

Frances and Aleks (I don’t think I spelled it right but it is pronounced like uh-leeks) are missionaries.  They were in France and then in Canada.  They have 2 sons which I didn’t get pictured that are 6 and 14.  Frances and Aleks are both getting their PhDs.  I have no idea how they are doing it! Frances is studying New Testament in John’s letters, and Aleks is studying Old Testament in Psalms.  Like us, they would appreciate your prayers.


Last Monday Kent had three meetings set up and they were so encouraging to him.  He left the last one ,with a well known systematic theologian, and said he felt like he had been given water to drink in this dry desert he’s been living in.  This man was a believer and a straight shooter like Kent and at the end of their time together they prayed.  Kent felt so refreshed that we decided to go to a pub and celebrate.

Kent got steak pie and we shared some nachos.  The pub was very traditional and the food was good and plentiful.  We wanted to bring the boys back but they have a sign on their door that no one under 18 can enter.  Kent said his food was delicious.  Their steak pie is like a chicken pot pie in some ways.  It has a thicker crust that completely covers the steak and gravy inside.  They serve it with tatties or chips (mashed potatoes or french fries).  I didn’t take a picture this time but I did get a couple of pictures inside the pub.

IMG_4414[1] IMG_4413[1]

I am planning on going to a baby shower tomorrow given by an American for another American.  I was talking to a couple of British ladies separately and they both told me they don’t do “showers” here.  One suggested that a shower would be too presumptuous.  My older friend asked me “what do you do at such things?”  I’ll try to take pictures especially of my friends who have never been before.  They should enjoy tasting baby food!

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