Walking in St. Andrews

One thing that is interesting about St. Andrews is it’s history.  There is a rich church history which is demonstrated by the ruins of the St. Andrews cathedral at the edge of town.  It was constructed in the 1100’s and was the tallest building in Scotland for 7 centuries.  I will post pictures of it when the weather improves and I can get a day of warmth and sunshine.

I was walking to my car from the main part of town and realized that it is a very unusual path that most towns don’t have.  Because of SA’s age it has little paths and walkways to get through to different areas instead of walking on the main roads that the cars drive on.  The following are the pictures I took as I left the main street and wound my way through the alleyways to get to my friend’s apartment building.

IMG_4431 IMG_4432 IMG_4434 IMG_4436

As you can see people live in these little cottages that line the walkways.

IMG_4438 IMG_4439 IMG_4440

When I got to the bottom of the steps (above pic) I was just around the corner from my friend’s apartment.  It is neat to walk through since you can’t see these paths from the roads surrounding the town.

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