Sunday Lunch

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Last Sunday we were invited to our friends’ the Purvis’s for lunch.  They live in a historic family home outside of St. Andrews.  My pictures do not show the house and how stately it really is.  Robert, the dad, knows the family history and it was interesting for him to share it with us.  They have the grand family pictures that take up most of the wall, and the rooms are large and roomy.  They redid the kitchen when they moved in closer to the family area because the original kitchen was away from that area with the servant’s quarters.  Their home is actually not the main original family home- that was sold off before.  However, they are in the younger brother’s  (who did not retain the parental home) which was built close by.  Rob and Heidi have 5 children including a daughter in Bangkok working with children for the rest of her gap year, a son about to graduate from high school, a daughter who is T’s age and looks 20, a young 9 year old daughter, and a son who rounds out the family at 6.  We had a delightful time getting to know them better and enjoying their lovely home.

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