A Few New Words

Stone= 14 pounds.  I had heard it before but forgot about it.  The other day the young lady who was doing my nails had told me she had recently lost 3 stones.  I looked puzzled, and she told me it was a weight term.  Oh!

Don’t use pronouns-  I don’t know if everyone here is picky about this but I know they do not like for you to use a pronoun instead of the name or word it is.  For instance, my friend at church, told me she heard me talking about Kent and saying “he” but I should have used his proper name or the term “my husband”.

Darling, Love- Surprising to me, they don’t mind being called and using “darling” and “love” when speaking to one another.  I like it, but I know there are those females back home who would be offended.  Apparently, “darling” is said more in Scotland and “love” is used more in England.

They pronounce words differently.  I think they pronounce them more phonetically than we do.  For instance we say pita (pee-tuh) and they say pit-tuh.  Debris for us is duh-bree and I heard on the radio the other day duh-bris.  I still can’t understand some especially with the heavy brogue but I am sure they have the same problem with me!


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