Robert and Joan

We had our friends, Robert and Joan, over for dinner this week.  We met them in Chile when we were living down there, but they actually live in Scotland not too far from us.  They are such a delight to have around because they are so active and purpose oriented.  They are constantly looking for ways to serve others.  When they were in South America as missionaries they were busy helping terminal cancer patients, children at risk, planting several churches, teaching bible classes, leading women’s groups, etc.  They literally did so much.  When they retired after 50 years in Peru and Chile, they returned to Scotland.  It is very difficult to minister here than over there.  There are more “rules” to follow and there is less of a poorer class because of the government taking care of so many people.  (Chile doesn’t have a welfare system, etc)


Their life experience and stories are so interesting that it is easy just to sit and listen and ask questions.  She is originally from London and he is Irish.  They just got back from a few months in Chile to visit their daughters and continue their work there, and now they are headed to Ireland for a few days to visit friends and family there.  After you are with them you just want to get out there and meet people and serve them.

Yesterday I decided to go to yoga a little early and see if I could meet more people.  I did- I met a lovely girl from Lithuania.  She was explaining to me that people in her country respect religion even if they don’t believe it themselves because of their past.  Their country was under Russia and they were not allowed to have outward religion of any kind.  She said we know how it is not to be able to have any so we appreciate being able to have it openly.  Seems like a good lesson for us!

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