I am a little late with the posts, but I am trying to catch up.  Christmas turned out to be such a blessing to me.  The boys don’t really like to come out to our farm because we only have 2 bedrooms.  We have 2 couches and 2 cots but our living area is one huge room with no walls and no privacy.  We also have very limited internet and cell phone coverage.  But, they ended up coming for a week.  We had so much fun.  We played hours of monopoly, checkers, and chess.  I was in heaven with them home.  It was just like it is supposed to be.  I think that is the hardest thing I am transitioning through.  I love being a mom and now that our house is so quiet it is difficult.  There is no activity with the boys and their friends coming in and out of the house.

IMG_6173 IMG_6161 IMG_6175

We also had a guest from Texas come see us.  Aaron has come to Chile and Scotland so he also had to come to see us in Virginia.

IMG_6164 IMG_6163

We collect Christmas ornaments and with all of the places we have been lately we always pick up at least one ornament to put on our tree.  This year we put up our artificial tree and decided to go cut a fresh one down as well.  It was great and a beautiful tree.  We had so many ornaments and filled both trees up.

IMG_6103 IMG_6113

The tree with the lights on the left is the artificial one and we need to figure out the light problem.  The one on the right is the fresh one.  After 25 years, this was the first year we had colored lights on a tree.

Hope you all had a great holiday season.  Next, is our new pets we got…..

The boys

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The first thing I wanted to do was head to Lynchburg to see the boys.  I probably went there a few too many times the first few weeks.  We went to a football game and hockey game at Liberty University.  It’s been great being so close to them.

IMG_6087 IMG_6100 IMG_6099

Another thing Kent has done is have a fireplace put in the apartment.  It is multifunctional because the chimney runs and opens in to our place and in to the garage where Kent has set up his “office”.  He has a wood stove beside his study area and it keeps him warm on these cold winter days.

The men who did it are brothers and from this area.  They were really nice and brought us some jarred pig to eat.  We haven’t tried it yet but they assured it was real good.

More later…..


Most of you know that we went to Chile for Kent and his business partner to research and purchase a farm to develop.  They (and an added partner) are in the middle of doing that now.  Chandler walnuts are what they are growing.  So much to learn about walnuts- irrigation, soil, spacing, harvesting, sun/shade, etc.

I finally saw the farm when we went down there in October.  It was a well maintained farm especially for Chile standards.  The previous owner leased out his land to other farmers.  He was more of a horse man.  There are basic accomodations so we had a place to stay- it was nicer than expected.

IMG_5980 IMG_5974

The previous owner had planted some fruit trees and grapes.  There is also a large grove of eucalyptus trees.

IMG_5973 IMG_5984

The manager and his family live on the farm and take care of it.  It is good to have a Chilean there who knows the area and the people.  Here is one of his children.  He is so cute.


The little town which is just a short ride away  doesn’t have much but when my parents came to visit us my dad went with Kent to the farm and he loved this little village.  Here is the main square.  Dad wants to go back.


The previous owner loved horses so much he built a horse ring and put bleachers up for people to watch.  I don’t know if he ever used it or not.  It looks pretty run down now but I bet it looked great when he first built it.  My picture isn’t the greatest.


Back to Chile

After we left Scotland, we went to Chile for a few days.  We needed to work on some visa issues and visit our farm.  We enjoyed seeing friends and had wonderful hosts.  Our friends Dawn and her housemates, Ruth and Gonzalo, were so welcoming to us.  They shared their home and their food and we had a great location to come and go from.

IMG_6026 IMG_6022

Mary Luz is their maid and she is really a part of the family.  She is a great cook and made us delicious meals.  She is a sweet lady.

IMG_6034 IMG_6032

One of our fond memories is spending time with friends at dinner.  Chile is very European in that they enjoy their long meals and eat very late.  This is our friend George who is actually from Austria but has lived in South America for many years.  He is a pilot and will be moving to Ecuador for a new job.


I need a picture with his eyes open!  Sorry George!

Merry Christmas!

I am late but I hope you all had a Merry Christmas.  We enjoyed a week with our boys at our house.  It was a tight fit but we had a great time mostly playing monopoly, checkers, and chess.  I am going to start back blogging and I guess I will just start where I left off.  So, look for me in the next few days to catch  up.


Hi everyone,

I have been home for 2.5 weeks and working on our transition.  We are also waiting on our boxes with clothes, computer, etc.  Once we get settled with internet and our computers I will be back.  Hope you all are doing well.

Saying Good-bye

Our friends from France
Our friends from France


IMG_5934 IMG_5936 IMG_5890 IMG_5888

IMG_5915 IMG_5916 IMG_5912 IMG_5910 IMG_5909 IMG_5905 IMG_5904 IMG_5899 IMG_5894

After our good-bye party we went to Castle Sands (the beach at the castle ruins) and let off fireworks.  Our friend Ian (above) had some extra and wanted to set them off before we left.  It was really nice.

We’re on our way toward VA.  We have a trip to Chile planned before we get there.  We’ll see some of you all very soon!

Last Week

IMG_5873 IMG_5871

I was going to write about this week and how blessed we have been.  Even the weather has been great- we have had DAYS of sun and temperatures of around 70 F.  That is unheard of for us here.  (Side note, if you want to visit Scotland I would recommend coming in September.)  This week we have been shown so much hospitality and love with invitations for lunches, coffee, dinners, and a good-bye party.  It has been a warm way to end a long year.

I decided instead to write about a lesson I learned and has been a motivation for me for when we return.  Most of you know that Kent and I did not want to come to Scotland.  We looked into a pastor position in Virginia, taking over a ministry at the UN, and a position in the church in Santiago.  Nothing panned out.  We knew without a doubt that we had to come to Scotland.

Thankfully, I can say that we came and were obedient.  We did what God told us to do.  But I did not do it cheerfully and with joy.  There were many days I got up and was mad that we were here.  I would tell God that I did not like being here.  I wanted my way.  I cried like a toddler that is upset that doesn’t get her way.

The amazing thing is that God worked IN SPITE of me.  He let me grow and experience one of the greatest lessons of my Christian life.  I got out of my Christian bubble.  He did all of this with my bad attitude.

My take away is that I am hoping to come back with a grateful attitude and one full of expectation of how I can better serve him.  I want to do it cheerfully.

IMG_5853 IMG_5888

Louise’s Baby Shower

I went to a baby shower last night for a young couple from our church.  She is due in just a couple of weeks.  Baby showers are not popular over here, but I’m glad that they gave her one to celebrate the new baby.  They don’t know what they are having yet.

Midwives are super popular over here.  I haven’t heard of one person that has had a doctor deliver their baby- I think midwives only call the doctor if they need to go to surgery or  have an emergency.  Since I watched the BBC show “Call the Midwife” , I wish I had been a midwife (and lived in London in the 1950’s).  It  is one of those shows that you feel like you know the characters personally and wish you could be friends with them in real life.

IMG_5850 IMG_5837

It was a surprise so that is why the second shot is a little fuzzy.

It was fun to spend an evening with friends.  I am really savoring the time here now that it is coming to an end.

IMG_5847 IMG_5845 IMG_5844 IMG_5842


The Fowler’s

I met an older couple at yoga this year who happened to be cheese shop customers.  Then I realized that the beautiful hand made wooden bowls in the shop were made by him- Mr. Fowler.  He is a man who can do almost anything with his hands.  He is retired now but still stays busy wood-working, gardening, and enjoying the fruit of his labor.

IMG_5831 IMG_5832

Kent had never met them but called them last week and asked if he could come over and see his shop.  They spent an afternoon together just doing “man stuff”.  By the end of the visit, they had planned a dinner out.  Jim and Linda enjoy good food and wine and they invited us to an Italian restaurant in a town nearby.  It was delicious.


They are going to Turkey this Friday so it will be the last time we see them before we leave for the US.  We have a lunch planned Wednesday with some mutual friends so it should be a nice way to say good-bye.