Robert is 21!


It is so hard to believe that I was having a baby 21 years ago today.  Robert came a week late- just six weeks after we moved to New Jersey.  He was the only birth I did naturally, and he was the biggest baby I delivered coming in at 10 pounds 1/4 ounce.

Robert is kind, caring, handsome, and a peacemaker.  (He also tells me I am a biased mom.)   He is the type of young man that still holds doors open for you and hugs you just when you need it.  Robert also lives his faith in his every day life.  He recently corrected me on an issue he saw that I needed to change.  Somehow he gently showed me my error and backed it up biblically which can’t be argued with.  After thinking about it, he was right.

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He likes to have fun-playing the bass and drums and racing cars.  He just got back from Texas with Kent where he raced the car and went 182.6 mph!  Man fun!

He lifts weights and plays ice hockey 2-3 times a week at Liberty.   He loves the Toronto Maple Leafs.  And, he is a good student- although he is sick of school at this point and just wants to graduate and work.  He is graduating next year with a major in accounting and is doing an internship at an accounting firm this summer.  He is not sure he really wants to be an accountant, but it’s a good foundation to start with.

Recently I was reminding him of a conversation we had when he was in the 5th grade at Grove Christian School.  As I was putting him to bed, he told me he thought he may be a missionary.  I asked him about that statement and Robert reminded me that ministry should be done in any job not just the obvious ones like a pastor or missionary.  He is right and it’s something we all need to remember in our every day lives.


As you can tell I am proud of my son.  He is the son that most people say looks just like me and we share our long “giraffe” necks.  He is a blessing and I hope he has a happy birthday today!

Thanks for indulging me.

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