Snow, Kids, and Friends

I have complained a lot this winter but it is beautiful to look up at the mountains and see the snow. It rarely rains here (they’ve been in a drought for years), but we have had a little bit of precipitation. Each time the rain ends there is a larger covering of snow on top of the mountains.

The Andes

I’ve been visiting a children’s home every other Saturday morning. The kids are really fun, and they like me because I’m a gringa. They try to speak a little English that they have heard on tv. I try to speak my spanish with them and they are very patient. We will play games or do art projects together.

He gave me the picture as a gift
Many have not painted before

God has been so kind to us. He keeps me busy so I am less homesick. We have friends that are here with the US Embassy. It’s funny because they lived in the town next to us in Texas so we know a lot of the same roads, churches, etc. when we talk about the Metroplex.

We have enjoyed good meals and conversation with them. And we went to see Top Gun which I really liked!

Texas Friends!

Just a short post to keep learning how to do this!

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