Last week a friend and I went in together to buy an expensive fruit that comes from countries like China, Thailand, and Indonesia. I had never heard of a durian before, but was intrigued when my friend from Thailand was telling me about it.

a durian

This fruit reminds me of a hedgehog.

Durians smell. Really bad. I had been told they smell like a combination of feet, trash, rotted food, and more… so I was excited to smell it for myself.

My friend delivered it to me on a Friday, but my “co-owner” couldn’t open it with me until Monday. I put it in the refrigerator, and I admit it did stink up my fridge. However, it didn’t smell as bad as others said but it was a little unpleasant.

the meat of the fruit

The inside of the fruit that you eat is the meat of the fruit. It is the messy white and yellow part in the picture. The brown parts are seeds that are fairly large. There are 4 sections of the fruit that have this meat in it so it’s actually a lot of food.

My assessment- it tasted OK. Inside, the pieces of the fruit had the consistency of creme brulee. I was so confused eating this food. I wanted to like it, and I think I did. However, the smell and the look of the durian was taking away from my enjoyment.

Maybe, you already knew about it? My mom and dad had tried it before in their travels, but I had never heard about it.

I am glad I tried it. I am always open to learning as many new things as I can about different cultures. But, I don’t have to do it again. Have a good week!

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