Ministry Friends

When we arrived in Chile on Thanksgiving Day, we didn’t know if we were going to be staying. Kent, not only had never been a pastor, but he was not ordained in the Presbyterian Church. This was a problem for the leadership (presbytery) here and they needed to vet Kent.

Through this process, we met some new friends that we have grown to love.

Our friends

This is Dagmar and Pato. They have been in the ministry for many years. They also speak perfect English which is very helpful. They are hospitable and sooooo fun!

Jane and Pato
Dagmar and Kent

As I mentioned, we have never been in this church role before. We are learning as we go. They have been so authentic with us and helped us so much.

They live in Vina del Mar which is on the Pacific Ocean about 60 miles from us. It is beautiful over there and they open their home to us which is so comfortable.

Welcoming us with a Chilean drink- Pisco
their front yard- grill, patio, and pool

We love them and their 4 kids. We are so thankful for them!

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