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Over 25 years ago a group of women started a bible study here in Santiago. It is still meeting today. It used to meet in person at a church but things changed with Covid. When we lived here in 2014 I was part of the group and was happy to come back when we returned.

Now the group meets on zoom. I was hesitant about the online situation at first but after the first meeting I was hooked. It is so well organized and fun. We can login at 9am for social time if we want to and then we start at 9:30. We have an introduction, a group time with a leader, a break, group time, prayer, and a teaching of the text. Sounds like a lot in 2 hours but it is so refreshing.

The women are from all different countries and backgrounds. In fact, one of the “rules” is we don’t talk about the church we attend so we have no idea about denominations. And, of course, we don’t speak about politics.

One of my favorite parts of this study is the women are joining the group from all parts of the world. Most of the women are no longer living in Chile but have moved on to another area on the globe.

The picture above is a group of women that are still in Chile. We met for coffee and for an encouraging time for one of our ladies who recently had a baby. It is good to be online but it’s even better to be together.

We are about to start on Wednesday. We will be studying 2 Timothy and Titus. If you would be interested you are invited! The questions are sent out each week if you don’t have the book and we meet just 2 hours each Wednesday morning for the next 11 weeks. Let me know because we would love to have you!

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Oh the power of woman! We are meeting this week for “The Well”, a woman’s gathering of worship. Also your study sounds a lot like “Community Bible Study” which is world wide too. Those ladies are blessed to have you there!

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